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There are a few Travel and Visa Regulations you need to be aware of. 80+ nationalities can obtain a Visa on Arrival (at the airport or online). ASEAN countries don't need a visa. All other travelers still need a Visitor Visa B211A (apply before arrival)

Travelers must be fully vaccinated (2 shots or 1 J&J). Please check Visa & Travel Regulations in detail:

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Bali is unique, Bali is unmatched

There is no other place like Bali in this world. A magical blend of culture, people, nature, activities, weather, culinary delights, nightlife, and beautiful accommodation. Bali is rated as one of the best travel destinations in the world by countless websites, review portals, and travel magazines each year – for very good reasons. Whatever your age, background, budget or interest, there is something great for everyone to explore and discover. And that’s a promise.

First time in Bali? 21 reasons why Bali is a paradise

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The Ultimate Quick-Guide to Bali in 3 minutes

On our website you will probably find more information about Bali, than in a printed Travel Guide Book. The sheer amount of things to do and places can be quite overwhelming. If you have not been to Bali yet and want to get a brief overview, then this little Travel FAQ will help you to start your travel planning.

Bali - Must Know & Facts

May, June, September are the very best months.

 In general, best time to visit Bali is during the dry season, which runs from April to October. This is when the weather is sunny and dry with little chance of rain, making it ideal for a tropical holiday.

More about Bali Weather, Climate & Seasons

Tropical Climate

The climate in Bali is warm, humid, and tropical characterized by high temperatures and high humidity throughout the year. Bali has two distinct seasons: the dry season, which runs from April to October and the wet season, which runs from November to March.

  • During the dry season, temperatures typically range between 80-90°F (27-32°C) and humidity is relatively low. This is the most popular time for tourists to visit Bali, as the weather is sunny and dry with little chance of rain.
  • During the wet season, temperatures are still warm but the humidity is higher and there is more rainfall. The island receives most of its annual rainfall during this time, and it can be quite heavy at times. Even though it's the rainy season, it doesn't rain all day, usually there are short spells of rain that might last an hour or two in the afternoon.
  • The highlands and mountains are significantly cooler than the coastal areas
  • The best time to visit would be during the dry season if you want to enjoy sunny and dry weather, but the island is a popular destination year-round and offer many activities to do even in the rainy season. Very best months to visit: May, June, September.
  • You should pack light, comfortable clothing, a swimsuit, sunscreen, insect repellent, and a hat or sunglasses. It's also a good idea to pack a light rain jacket or umbrella for the occasional rain shower.  

More details and facts about Bali Weather, Climate, Temperatures, Rainfall & Seasons

As long as you can

If you visit Bali from further away than 6-8h by plane, a solid 2 or 3 weeks is what you should aim for, so you have some time to adjust a potential jetlag and also time to explore and then relax.

Bali is a destination, that offers in general great value for money, whether you are traveling on a budget, or if you are the luxury traveler only seeking the best .


Accommodation USD 15-30 per room per night / a meal USD 2-4 / scooter rental per day USD 3-6

Mid-Segment 3 to 4*

Accommodation USD 80-120 per room per night / a meal USD 6-10 / scooter rental per day USD 3-6 / Car Rental per day USD 35-45

Luxury Segment 5* (Bali-Lux)

Accommodation USD 170-400 per room per night / a meal USD 12-20 / scooter rental per day USD 10-15 / Car Rental per day USD 60-100

The Bali-Supreme Experience - The Best of the Best

Accommodation USD 400+ per room per night / a meal USD 30-60 / scooter rental per day USD 10-15 / Car Rental per day USD 60-100

Imported Wines & Spirits are rather expensive compared to most other countries, due to an additional taxed imposed. A cocktail in a nice bar will cost you around USD 8-12.

  1. Amazing Accommodation Options
  2. Endless Summer
  3. The wonderful people of Bali
  4. Beaches of all styles and colours & Waves for Surfing
  5. Sightseeing
  6. Wellness, Health / Spirituality
  7. Art & Culture
  8. Family & Kids Friendly
  9. Culinary & Nightlife
  10. Scuba Diving 

Want to know more why this island is so magical and special? 

Bali has literally hundreds of places to visit and things to do - many hidden treasures. If we would have to pick 5, then that's our list:

  1. Pura Luhur Uluwatu Temple with Kecak Dance before Sunset, and on the way back fresh BBQ seafood dinner on the beach in Jimbaran.
  2. Daytrip to the Rice Field Terraces (e.g. JatiLuwih) and a stop at the temples Tirta Empul or Goa Gaja, closing the day with a traditional Dance performance in Ubud with a dinner in one of the many amazing restaurants in Ubud.
  3. Hit one of the amazing Beach Clubs in Canggu, such as the FINNS Beach Club or La Brisa for the day, and if you are up for it, stay till after sunset, when some of the coolest DJs get to work their art.
  4. Visit the Artist Villages of Mas or Celuk, and experience first hand how these masters are carving and creating the most amazing artworks. 
  5. The Mountains - Climb Mount Batur or if this is too difficult join for an e-bike tour through the villages and highlands of Bali. 

Of course there is more, scuba diving, golfing, trekking, canyoning, rafting, the animal parks, countless temples and religious sites, hundreds of amazing restaurants, bars, and clubs...the list is endless... that's why so many travelers come back.

If you are up to it, the best and easiest way to get around within a certain area, is if you rent a scooter (wear a helmet, and take it easy, bring an international driving license (or get one online here).

The Gojek App (Android, Apple) allows you to call for a scooter taxi or a car taxi, like Uber), which is very affordable and easy to handle. You can also rent a car with a driver for a full day (8-10h) for ca USD45, which is a great way to go for tours or to manage larger distances.

if you get a cab, make sure you get a BLUEBIRD, the drivers are the most friendly, the most reliable and will take you from A to B without detours and usually switch on the meter without you having to ask.

We suggest strongly, get Internet Connection on your phone. To handle the map apps and navigate with google maps or Waze we suggest to get a Tourist SIMCard with data package (can be ordered here online).


More about Transportation in Bali

To rent a motorized scooter or motorbike of up to 150cc (more than enough) you will need to bring your national CAR driving license and an international driving license. If you can't get an international driving license (IDP) in time, you can get one online that is accepted by the Indonesian authorities.

International Driving License Online Application

It's difficult to find a more tolerant, easy going and welcoming people in the world. Travelers feel it, there is something special about the Balinese, something, one must experience something unique and authentic, that has not been lost even though tourism has been part of Bali since more than 50 years now. 

More about the people and the culture of Bali

Bahasa Indonesia, but with English you will have absolutely no problems in Bali. The Balinese speak their own local language among each other (Bahasa Bali). Bahasa Indonesia is fairly easy, and if you manage to remember only a few words, you will open hearts and doors.

Basic Bahasa Indonesia Vocabulary 

Travel Itinerary Suggestions for visiting 幸运飞行艇官方开奖 Bali for the first time

  • A few days in Sanur, Jimbaran or Nusa Dua, easy arrival and chill.
  • Then Ubud to discover the culture and natural sites of central and north Bali (Tours, Chilling, Health, Yoga).
  • Hop over to Lembongan and Ceningan Islands for the tropical and more simple life style as Bali offered 30 years ago (and great diving).
  • Conclude your trip with some going out, party, shopping, sunset chills in Kuta, Legian, Seminyak or Canggu.

With that set of choices you will discover a lot…in 2 or 3 weeks…and when you come back to Bali…there is more, much more to discover and explore. Travelers have been coming to Bali for decades and return every year; they still discover new things and gain new experiences.

Yes, Bali's nightlife is a real treat. Kuta's reputation among the young and wild, mostly coming from Australia, is legendary. In high season and in November Kuta feels at times like a spring break fantasy. Seminyak offers the widest range of places to go out, also more upbeat and classy, while Canggu is catching up, even though the vibe in Canggu is more relaxed and less "crazy".

More on Bali's Nightlife, Clubbing and Party Scene

Yes, and No. Depends. What is a paradise?

Bali is not a paradise like the picture postcards of Maldives or the Bahamas suggest. The beaches of Kuta up to Canggu are quite different and less tropical than one might expect. Mass tourism has left its mark on most places such as Kuta, Seminyak, and even Ubud. There is traffic at times, the trash problem of a developing country is still not completely solved, and there is some crime and scamming going on...that's all not matching the idea of a paradise.

Bali is a paradise, because it is tolerant and inviting and lets you be who you want to be. It has an incredible variety of almost everything any traveler wishes to explore or experience. It offers great value for money, and an art and culture that is unique in this world, authentic, and alive. If you want to leave the mass tourism behind, all you need is a short drive and you will enter a Bali that has almost not changed in decades. There are countless areas and sites that are absolutely remote, quiet and almost untouched, where magnificent nature shows her beauty.

Bali is a paradise because of the whole package it offers, and not because it looks like a "white sandy beach coconut tree postcard" wherever you go.

Yes, for sure it's safer than other places. And single women can travel freely and safely. Of course, like everywhere else in the world, where there is tourism, there is crime and scam. But if you keep a normal level of common sense and don't fall into the traps of senseless drinking and drugs, you should be fine.
The biggest threat is probably when untrained drivers rent a scooter and overestimate their skills and underestimate the complexity of the traffic. 

More on safety and health in Bali

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