Balinese culture is deeply rooted in mystery and history.

Everyone has a past that has made them who they are today. People’s personalities and ways of thinking are shaped by how they were raised and what happened to them in their lives. The same rule applies to Bali. The islands history shapes everything about it, from its land, to its culture to its food.

If you trace Bali’s lineage, you’ll discover that the island’s population are largely descendants of migrants who arrived in the first century CE (mostly Indians, Chinese, and Javanese) and laid the groundwork for Hinduism and Javanese culture by bringing their own customs and beliefs.

Travel experiences are enhanced by cultural understanding

As the years pass, Balinese have continued in many ways to honor and respect their ancestors and the spirit world. They do everything they can, from praying to their gods to wearing ceremonial garb and leaving offerings (Canang Sari) for the gods, to maintain harmony.

We invite you to check out the articles in the section below “Bali Culture Guide” to learn more about the “Island of the Gods” and get ready for a journey you’ll never forget.

Explore Bali's Culture

Bali’s Culture is Rich, Unique, Alive and stunningly Beautiful

Learning even the basics of Balinese culture will help you make sense of the many things you experience during your stay. To put it simply, this greatly improves the quality of your island experience.

Of course, the more we know about a destination and its people when we travel the better we can comprehend what is going on all around us and therefore appreciate on a deeper level what we experience. The world around you will become more clear, and you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for it. You can experience Bali’s culture from the stone age to the modern era in just a few days.

It’s in everything: the air you breathe, the sea, the mountains, the villages, the people, the art, the architecture, even the way locals greet you with a smile. The Balinese way of life and the power of nature will make this abundantly clear to you.