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Travel Insurance with Covid-19
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Travel Insurance for holiday makers

If you pay for your plane ticket with a certain credit card, you may be eligible for subsidized or even free travel insurance. In some cases, your health insurance policy at home, may cover medical treatments if anything happens to you in another country while traveling.

These policies often only apply to medical treatment received in a country other than the policyholder’s home country, and they typically impose limitations on the types of services and procedures that are covered. Coverage may end after a 30- or 60-day stay. It is crucial that you read the fine print of your travel insurance and understand exactly how it works in case of an emergency.

If you don’t have a medical travel insurance, we highly recommend you get one. Decent treatment can be very expensive in Bali and if you don’t pay or have an insurance if something happens to you, you will not get the treatment that you need.

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Medical Insurance for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers who stay longer than a normal travel insurance would cover

Longer stays beyond the average 4 weeks trip duration will need longer coverage from most providers. There are situations when a extra 30 or 90 days is still not enough. 

Since this is a common concern among our readers (digital nomads, remote workers, and investors), we looked into it and partnered with a trustworthy, cost-effective, and comprehensive insurance provider that will get you covered.

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Those who have been staying in Bali for a while know how important it is to have medical coverage.

Better be Safe than Sorry

When you ride your motorcycle on uncharted roads, when you hike up a volcano or simply walk across the islands harsh landscape, when you’re shredding the waves with jagged coral reefs below, and when the Bali bug or a new virus sweeps the island, bad things can happen and you will need medical attention.

Bottomline: The security of insurance will give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Bali for a week or for the rest of your retirement; unforeseen events will still find a way to interrupt your stay. It’s possible that skipping out on buying travel insurance might be the single most expensive thing a traveler does wrong.

Over time, Bali has built up a modern healthcare system with accessible, high-quality hospitals and physicians, and Singapore is not too far away should any complications arise. However, it is crucial to be able to pay the expenses, whether they accrue here in Bali or elsewhere if you end up needing medical attention outside of the island.

Travel Insurance vs Health Insurance

There are two basic types of insurance:

Travel Insurance

Health Insurance

And both are essential for Bali’s Nomadic way of life.

In contrast to international health insurance, which is geared to cover inpatient treatment checkups and continued treatment of chronic disorders anywhere, a medical travel insurance is designed to cover emergency medical care, and sometimes even includes flight cancellations, personal possessions, theft etc.

While becoming sick or injured while on Bali is never part of the travel itinerary, it is important to be prepared. The costs of treatment might be exorbitant. You may have extremely limited coverage or none at all depending on your plan from your domestic insurance provider for medical care received outside of your country. Get the protection you need with a comprehensive travel medical insurance policy. 

Travel medical coverage is recommended for:

International travelers 

People on guided tours

International businesspeople

Digital Nomads

Visiting relatives from abroad

International Students


Travel Insurance with Covid-19 Coverage

Need a reputable global medical insurance (including covid coverage)? Suitable for everybody traveling outside their home country.

Travel Insurance with Covid-19

Sign-up Online for only USD45 / 4 weeks


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