Finding a place to work in Bali with a community

A modern co-working space in Bali provides everything you need as a digital nomad and remote worker. These hubs are just the place to find like-minded entrepreneurs and professionals, creating a culture of mutual collaboration. Coworking memberships can be purchased for a single day, a week, or a month. Quite a few co-working places ask for a minimum consumption (coffee or maybe a snack) and don’t charge any fees.

What is Co-Working?

Bali’s coworking spaces tend to be a little bit different from the ones you could find in a metropolis. In Bali it’s all very laid-back and many places are often built around the concept of a cafe or restaurant, and open air rather than closed and air-conditioned. While some co-working spaces do offer closed rooms or air-conditioned meeting rooms, this is still less common – for now. 

Remote workers and digital nomads in Bali are mostly concerned with finding places with fast and stable internet connections and an ambiance conducive to sitting for a few hours each day to get work done.

The best Co-working Places in Bali

Co-living in Bali

The idea of co-living is becoming more popular as more and more digital nomads and remote workers select Bali as their home to reside for a few months or longer.These spaces combine elements of a guest house or hotel with those of a coworking café and a hub for community activities like seminars and networking. It’s a great way for solo digital nomads to meet other like-minded people and form friendships with locals who can show them the ins-and-outs of island life.