“Bali is known to many, but only truly understood by a few”

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Knowing a few facts about Bali before arriving can really make a difference, especially when arriving for the first time.
Bali’s seasoned visitors, on the other hand, expect to learn something new each time they visit, whether it is a new area, a new place to stay, or a new way to make their trip more enjoyable. Bali has been undergoing constant change and transformation. And, like the rest of Indonesia, it faces the same challenges and opportunities as any other developing country. Although Bali is fairly safe and easy to travel, a lot of things simply might not work the way you are used to. Well, that’s part of the fun, isn’t it?

Bali can either be the best time of your life (which it probably will be) or the worst (some of you will). It all comes down to knowing a few facts about this island you plan to visit, what to expect, the when, where, and why, as well as respecting a few basic rules. How to behave in certain situations. Spend some time learning about Bali; it will help you have a great trip, just like millions of others have had before you.

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