Bali Immigration offices will be closed on 24 May 2023 for Pagerwesi. If your visa will be expired during the holiday, we kindly remind you to submit your extension request as soon as possible on our website at and complete the payment immediately or by 23 May 2023 (11:00 am Bali time) at the latest.

Need to extend your B211A Visa that you received through our service? 

Kindly check our FAQ section below. It is important you are aware of all the steps and requirements to ensure a smooth extension process and to avoid delays and potential “overstay-penalties”, which cost IDR 1,000,000 per day.


It is strongly recommended that you notify us 2 weeks before your current visa expires.

The STANDARD Service takes up to 14 business days AFTER we have received the payment and submitted the extension application to the immigration officials.

The EXPRESS Service takes up to 5 business days AFTER we have received the payment and submitted the extension application to the immigration officials.

Business hours are Monday – Friday from 9.00am – 5.00pm (closed on Indonesian Public Holidays).

Indonesian Immigration office does not work during the weekends, and there could be delays due to unforeseen circumstances (changing of regulations, immigration online system slowing down). 


We will ask you to submit your passport and depending on the service you will book, (Standard or Express) you won’t have access to your passport until it is returned to you.


Showing up in person:

You have to go to the appointed Immigration Office (either in Denpasar or Jimbaran) to take your picture and scan your fingerprint once your visa extension application has been approved by the Immigration Office.

The immigration department will assign an appointment for you sometime after we submitted the extension request (usually within 2 business days for the express service and within 3 -10 business days for the standard service). You need to be sure you are available and can follow the appointment request.

Important dress code – Smart Casual:

Men: Collar / polo shirt (or decent and clean T-Shirt) and long pants, proper shoes.

Women: Dress, long pants, blouse, (or decent and clean T-Shirt)

No short, sleeveless shirts and tank tops, flip-flops, beach wear, yoga pants, ripped clothes.


You can travel within Indonesia if you show your official ID card (must be valid of course). It is helpful to carry a passport copy with you, just in case, and if needed explain, that the passport is submitted for Visa Extension. 

Because STANDARD Service takes up to 14 business days and at times there could be delays, it’s advisable to get the Express service if you need access to your passport much more quickly.

Also, you will need to come personally to the immigration office, and it is uncertain when the immigration department will ask you to come for the appointment with a short notice. So technically, for the Standard Service, you could be called to come to the Immigration Office anytime over the course of 14 business days. So, if you want to visit places further away in Bali or go to the neighbouring islands it will be difficult for you to travel back to “the south” in time to show up personally.

You must have received your first e-visa with us, because the extension is directly linked to that visa and the sponsorship regulations.

Your passport should be still valid for 12 months.

Check your expiry date of your current visa and make sure that latest 2 weeks prior to its expiry, you email us at so we can process the booking and payment details.

Once we have received payment, we will hand in your application to the immigration office for your visa extension.

Make sure that you have an active WhatsApp number.

With the updated regulations your B211A Visa can be extended up to 2 times,  60 days each. 

Maximum stay with for a B211A is 180 days. If you wish to stay longer you need to apply for another separate B211A ONSHORE Visa.
It is uncertain how many onshore visas a traveller can apply for in a row without needing to leave the country – for now at least one.

1. Application

  • Apply for the extension using our Application form
  • Our team will verify your application (this process may take 1×24 hours on business days, Monday – Friday) and send you an invoice for the extension.

2. Handing over your Passport

  • After receiving your full payment, our handling immigration agent who is located nearer the immigration office in the south (Jimbaran) will need your passport. 
  • You can either personally deliver the passport during office hours (9am-5pm Mo-Fr), or 
  • you can use  use one of the transportation couriers like GoJek and Grab to deliver the passport (we will send you the exact address near Jimbaran).

3. Extension Application Submission to the immigration department

  • Your extension application documents and your passport will be then submitted to the Immigration department (either same day or next day, depending on the time of the delivery of your passport.
  • From that moment onwards the Standard service takes up to 14 business days and the express service 5 business days until you get your passport back with the extension visa stamp.

4. Your personal appointment at the immigration office

  • Based on the service you booked, (standard or express) it will take between 2 and 10 days until you receive the invite to come to the Immigration office (Denpasar or Jimbaran).
  • We  strongly recommend you to not travel far away and remain close-by, to not miss your personal appointment.
  • Details about this appointment are mentioned in this FAQ

5. Getting back your passport

  • After the process is completed and the passport has been stamped once more, the immigration office will hand over the passport to our handling agent near Jimbaran and keep it for you ready to be picked up again.
  • Also here you can come personally to the office or ask one of the delivery services to handle this for you.

The application needs to be submitted to the immigration BEFORE your visa “runs out”. Otherwise you are overstaying

Every day you are overstaying the immigration will charge a IDR 1,000,000 penalty fee, which you would have to pay when picking up the passport after the extension process is completed.

If for some reason you did not inform us 2 weeks before the visa runs out BUT your Visa is still valid a few days, we would need to speed up the application process including receiving the payment. We will do our best to help you out and make it fast, but we cannot promise that we can submit your application in time, means while your visa is still valid. We might have to charge you an extra IDR 400,000 if time is extremely short. We will try to avoid this extra fee.

How long it takes us to submit the application depends on… 

  • how long it takes you to submit the application form
  • how long it takes to complete the payment and the money to arrive
  • when you will submit your passport
  • generally whether there are weekends or public holidays that we need to consider

We hope we have clarified all the steps. For further assistance, feel free to send us an email on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The immigration office charges an extra fee for extensions for passports from certain countries:

Angola, Bangladesh, China, Iran, Irak, Kenya, Libya, Niger, Pakistan, Senegal, Syria.

Surcharge is between IDR 400,000 and 1,500,000. If you have a passport of one of those countries, kindly get in touch with us so we can inform you about the exact price and process.

Extension Prices and Service Options