Bali is known to many, but only understood by a few

These selected videos will allow you to grasp not only the beauty of this incredible island but also to get to know some deeper aspects of this unique and complex culture. Balinese are deeply connected with their island, with their family members, their religion and the many rituals that come with it.

A short note: Anyone visiting Bali leaves inevitably a footprint. What kind of footprint you will leave, will depend on your choices; where you go, what you will buy and consume, how you decide to connect with the Balinese and respect their culture. Will you conserve water, will you refrain from plastic bags and straws, will you bargain real hard or pay fair prices, will you stay in hotels that have sustainability in mind?

We hope you choose for this planet, and for this wonderful island and its people. Read our articles about responsible traveling and a greener Bali


All you need to Know about Bali