Bedugul is known for…

  • Botanical garden
  • Iconic temples
  • Pristine lakes
  • Handara Golf Resort
  • A weekend getaway destination
  • Mountain fresh vibes
  • Family outbound activities
  • Strawberry picking
  • Glamping

How is Bedugul & Baturiti general?

A Refreshing Lake Resort In The Mountains

Bedugul is a mountain town found in Central Bali towards the north of the island. Baturiti, the district village of the area, frames the southern border of the town. Known for the Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, a water temple with four complexes that celebrates the Goddess of the water, lakes, and rivers. Traditional boats can be hired for a short trip exploring the surrounding Lake Beratan. There are also Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan nearby.

The resort area is perfect for a weekend in the mountains. Families and solo retreats longing for fresh, cool air and beautiful sceneries will get some time away from the bustle and heat.

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Bedugul & Baturiti – Guide Insights

Families spending the weekend in Bedugul will find accommodation usually in and around town with direct access to the lake. Most would opt near the lake and joint establishments because there are a lot of activities available around the area. Further out of town, those looking for privacy and scenic views will find luxury retreats in the mountains in the surrounding area and near the other two lakes of Bedugul. A perfect place to escape, Bedugul’s mountain town offers a cool atmosphere for some time away in nature.

A variety of options when staying in Bedugul, nature enthusiasts and adventurers would take advantage of the camping grounds. A breathtaking view to wake up to by the lakes, make it classy by glamping as there are lodges and lakeside villas that offer warmth and comfort in this chilly area. There are a wide range of hotels and resort situated all over town, even starting from homestays and hostels for backpackers as well. If you’re seeking more privacy and isolation, there are luxury cabins further out of town that offer modern amenities for a serene weekend retreat away.

Bedugul Accommodation

Restaurants in the area are often joint establishments with the hotels and resorts, and hosts the guests and tourists that come up north to visit Bedugul by laying out a buffet and providing a view of the lake. Upscale restaurants serve local and also Western cuisine, and since this region has rich agriculture, their products are locally sourced and organic. Local eateries and food stalls are not hard to come by seeing as people pass through Bedugul a lot, being a resort area.


Visit the iconic Pura Ulun Danu Bratan water temple and experience their beautiful garden and multi-tiered shrines in a cool atmosphere by the lake. There are three crater lakes in the area, namely Lake Bratan, Lake Buyan, and Lake Tamblingan. Being a mountain town, the fresh air creates the perfect setting for gardens. The Bali Botanic Garden – the largest botanic garden in the country and offers a stunning view of the lake as well. The Blooms Garden, a large-scale recreation park that grows flowers from all over Indonesia and other ASEAN regions. Moreover, you could also stay in the villas there too.

Not only can visitors enter the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, it is also possible to go boating around the lake with the local ferryman. Ride on their fishing boats and you can even partake in some fishing to pass the time and enjoy the afternoon in the water. A variety of family-friendly activities are found in Bedugul, such as picnicking at the botanical gardens, strawberry picking, even theme parks. Moreover, the golf resort is a huge attraction for players and amateurs.

Traveling by car will take a couple of hours, seeing as this is a mountain area, there are no taxis or public transportation. If you’re not familiar with the roads in Bali, it’s best to hire a private driver that will drop you off and pick you up. If you’re carrying luggage for the weekend, riding up on a scooter might not be advisable.

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