Lombok is known for…

  • Isolated Beaches and Surf spots
  • The Gili Islands
  • Volcano trekking
  • Lush Tropical Forests
  • Incredible Diving and Snorkeling
  • Mandalika Race Circuit

What to expect in Lombok?

Resort living, Island hopping, and Volcano trekking

Mainly because of the 3 Gili Islands, Lombok, Bali’s “sister-island” located east of Bali became famous as a tourist destination already decades. Yet, Lombok has become a popular travel destination on its own, for good reasons. A place to disconnect, Lombok is the perfect island getaway to enjoy nature at its best, only a short boat ride away from Bali. More laid-back and quiet than Bali, Lombok offers an amazing alternative or addition for a tropical vacation.

Lombok – Guide & Insights

The Gili Islands, Senggigi Beach,, Kuta & Aan Beach, and the mountain areas around Rinjani are the most popular places to visit. Mataram, the capital, is a well organised Indonesian city that’s orth a visit too to experience to go for some shopping, visit the main mosque and enjoy some great food in one of the many Indonesian restaurants with authentic cuisine.

Hotel & Resorts

Unique and picturesque, there are a variety of accommodation for different occasions, such as beachfront properties for those looking to lay on the sand, and mountain lodges for an escape into nature. Lombok has an array of 5* hotels, yoga retreats, homestays, even ultra-modern futuristic villas. It is much less developed as a whole in comparison to Bali, yet there are plenty of accommodation options, from family run homestays that cost 10USD to luxury beach front villas and 5 star international resorts.


From oceanfront local seafood warungs to international restaurants, Lombok offers a large variety of food options, With varying menus and exquisite local. It’s a great place to dive into the rich Indonesian cuisine and and venture into the streetfood experience.

Going Out

Lombok has a lot of live music, bars, beach clubs, and karaoke lounges for friend groups and couples looking to celebrate on their vacation. Senginggi is a relatively populated area, though not as oversaturated like Bali’s well known nightlife. Dance the night away in absolute bliss living your best life at this island getaway, this is definitely the spot for a memorable time. From flaming cocktails to an assortment of drinks and beers, its always a fun occasion to party at Lombok. On another note, the Gili Islands are also favored as party spots besides Lombok.

Going Out

The drive towards the beaches can be quite difficult sometimes, but the pristine and soft sandy beaches are worth the journey. Quiet and isolated with beach shacks that replace beach bars, the shores of Lombok offer a different ambience. Not only that, spots as Mawun and Tanjung Aan beach with their crystal blue waters are only some of the sights you’ll find going around the island. Certain beaches are of different colors, such as Obel-obel beach, found on the northeastern side of Lombok, has black sand that stretches across the coast. Lombok also has their own famous pink beach, Tangsi, which is far down towards their southeast peninsula.


Lombok, although sometimes overshadowed by Bali, has maintained a pristine reputation for it’s beaches and untouched landscapes and become an unassuming gem for surfers and travelers. On a beginner’s level, Selong Belanak is a quiet spot in the south for those looking to start surfing with ease. Intermediate surfers are spoiled in choices, whichever direction you take exploring Lombok, there will always be a surf break that will challenge you to a fun afternoon, such as Ekas Bay, Gerupuk, and Mawi. However, the main interest point for experienced surfers is Desert Point, it’s as dangerous and ominous as the name sounds, only for the bravest and advanced.

Beyond resorts and beaches, Lombok has a vast landscape filled with natural attractions that draw in visitors. One of the island’s greatest beauties is the Senaru crater lake in the middle of Mount Rinjani, as this trekking activity could take a couple days. Bali isn’t the only place with a number of waterfall sites that are highly recommended to visit. At the foot of Mount Rinjani, you’ll find Sendang Gile, a majestic waterfall that towers over the pool. Although the entrance fee may be cheap, remember to tip your local guides generously. Other activities include hill climbing, sunset spotting, and diving.

Whether you are flying in through Lombok International Airport, jumping on the public ferry, or taking a fast boat from Padangbai Harbor, Lombok is not too far to escape the heavily populated Bali for a weekend away. There are car and motorcycle rentals available, which is commonly how you would get around the island. Although there are other vehicles of transport, such as Bemo, a public minibus with open doors for natural air, or the Cidomo, a horse-drawn carriage that carries up to 4 people, for a gallop around the main town. You will find that these transportations only operate in bigger towns such as the capital, Mataram.

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