Sanur is known for…

    • A laidback atmosphere
    • Balinese culture
    • Family-friendly
    • Fast boats terminal
    • Sunset watching
    • Local culinary

How is Sanur in general?

Relaxed, clean, and serene

Sanur is an ideal place to stay for families and travelers who are looking to stay away from the more upbeat and crowded areas, such as Kuta and Seminyak. However, there is still plenty to do, and Sanur is lively and offers everything a traveler desires. The nightlife is more relaxed while there are plenty of bars that feature live bands. The northern part of Sanur also functions as a harbor for speed boats departing daily to Lombok and the Nusa Islands. Many great local warungs can be found while fancier restaurants are mostly attached to front beach resorts. Many foreigners chose Sanur as their place to retire for many good reasons. 


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Sanur – Guide & Insights

Sanur has many pleasant places to stay, though most beachfront properties are centered around the Sanur beach area off the Bypass Ngurah Rai main road. There are several beautiful beachside luxury hotels and villas in Sanur that are worth splurging on. Homestays and guest houses here are often family-run. As are some of the mid-sized hotels, the mid-range accommodation are mostly found north of Sanur following Jl Cemara and Jl Danau Tamblingan.

Hotel & Resorts

With its long standing history where Bali’s tourism first boomed, Sanur has housed a number of elegant 4* and 5* hotels on this side of the island, as well as an abundance of resorts and spas available in the area. For a relaxing time, Sanur is also home to a growing number of popular villa resorts, although you might find them towards the north side. Most accommodation along the coast will be in the middle to upper price range.


Sanur is not known for its fine dining but the area has some excellent restaurants that cater to tourists. You’ll find beachfront places to dine for those looking for beautiful sunset views. Many local families in Sanur successfully maintain eateries serving authentic Balinese menu, such as Nasi Campur, Lawar and Babi Guling. Food carts set up near the beach in the mornings, and in the markets at night. The Sindhu Night Market (Pasar Malam) hosts food stalls, popular to both locals and tourists, as one of the must-do experiences in Bali.

Going out

Sanur has new beach clubs and some relaxing bars where you can play pool, chat to visitors and regulars, or watch a live band. There are also quite a few karaoke bars closer to the Ngurah Rai Bypass. Look for places that advertise “family” karaoke or expect to meet bar girls and “hostesses.” Sanur’s nightlife shuts down around midnight and is less-wild than the party scenes in Kuta and Seminyak.

Going out

The waves are calm enough, making this an ideal place for swimming and playing in the sand with kids. Sanur is not a beach famous for it’s surf, as it requires you to go offshore about 1km during the seasons that support the wave breaks. The peaceful beach also allows baby sea turtles being released back into the waters, so if you’re lucky and visiting in season, you might even get to witness this rare phenomenon.


Surfing may not be common in Sanur beach, it is a good place for watersports such as kitesurfing, jet skiing, and even seawalking, a one of a kind experience that allows you to walk along the seabed without needing a snorkel. Other sights include the Le Mayeur Museum, set up in the Belgian painter’s former home, houses 80 of his early paintings, and some depicting his wife. Although his art is exquisite, the upkeep of the museum might not inspire guests who come to visit, but nonetheless it is still a sight to see. Sanur is also known for its Bali Kite Festival when winds are strong and skies are clear, the summer months are when you’ll see giant, unique kites flying from the east.

Sanur is a good base for divers and snorkelers who want to be close to dive sites but stay in nicer accommodation. Even the snorkelling directly off Sanur beach can be good, and it is a popular place for local spearfishermen. When the tide rises, Sanur is a great place to swim, as it is shallow and sheltered from strong currents. As it is open to winds, it is also a popular place for kite surfing and windsurfing. Further out into the ocean, some reasonably good surf spots can get much better with a big swell. Other water sports, including wakeboarding, paragliding, and banana boating, can also be done here. Sanur beach is a great place for a long walk, a jog, or a bike ride on the footpath.

Sanur was actually the landing site for the Dutch invasion in the early 1900s, and later on, the entry point for Japanese troops in World War II to occupy the island. It is also historically one of Bali’s oldest tourist areas and the birth of tourism booming on the island. It began attracting visitors long before Kuta became popular with the surfing and backpacking crowd, and it is still clean, peaceful, and quiet. Yet, Sanur still has very strong ties to the Balinese traditional culture and is overseen by local village organizations.

Sanur was the face of Bali tourism in the 1950s and 60s, and its pretty beaches drew travellers from around the world, including artists and celebrities. The Bali Beach Hotel was the only structure in Bali allowed to exceed the local building height regulations, which state that no building can be taller than the tallest coconut tree (40 meters). When Bali began to be a popular stop on the backpacking trail through Asia, the focus shifted to Kuta, but Sanur continues to thrive today. Hindu culture is very strong in Sanur, and the area is also well-known for the practice of magic and sorcery.

You’ll find many taxis along the main street, however Sanur is fairly walkable and has a beachfront path that stretches along the area. Like most of the central tourist spots, renting a scooter is a common way of getting around the island. There are also Gojek and Grab (online taxis) that locals would use, however if you are looking to not worry about finding transport, hiring a private car with a driver is the way to go.

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