Nusa Lembongan is known for…

  • The island life vibes
  • Cool beach clubs
  • Yoga
  • Dive in nearby spots
  • Beautiful beaches
  • A weekend getaway

How is Nusa Lembongan in general?

Water sports and natural sights on a sequestered island

Nusa Lembongan is an island off the east coast from the Bali mainland, roughly 30 minutes away from Sanur by speed boats or about one and a half to two hours by public boat from Padangbai port. It’s known for its easy atmosphere with excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities, good surf breaks, and pristine white sand beaches making it an ideal place for a weekend getaway. Once a humble seaweed-farmers village now has transformed into a beautiful island resort. The surfing and yoga communities are also popular in Lembongan, so you don’t need to worry about finding a yoga shala or surfboards rentals and surf schools during your visit on the island.

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Nusa Lembongan – Guide & Insights

Nusa Lembongan has been growing rapidly these past few years, and while it is always growing in popularity, this side of paradise is still much quieter than mainland Bali. Many nice accommodations and great places to hang out have popped up around many corners of this small island. There is a broader range of places to stay on Nusa Lembongan compared to the other two Nusa islands, and caters to all kinds of travelers such as family trips or backpacking adventurers.

Hotel & Resorts

Backpackers can stay in fan-cooled rooms with saltwater showers by the beach or a bit farther inland for very low prices, with several pleasant mid-range hotels that can be found along the coast at Jungutbatu and on the hillside area toward Mushroom Beach. Villas with private pools have also sprung up in recent years, providing some more luxurious options.


Basic Indonesian and Western food, including smoothie bowls, are available at restaurants, most of which are part of the hotels in the area. There are a few fine dining options, as well as some more authentic and humble local warungs in the village area of Jungutbatu. Most of the places receive cash only, so don’t forget to bring along enough money with you as the ATM is very limited in some areas.

Going out

Many hotels and restaurants have happy hour drink specials, and some show movies on big screens. Although some places stay open fairly late and attract a drinking crowd, most people on the island are back in their hotels by midnight.

Going out

Seaweed farms line the beach at Jungutbatu, which can be interesting for travelers to view, but is actually most common here in all of Bali. Meanwhile, good places to hang out and watch the waves come in include the more secluded and crystal clear Dream Beach and Mushroom Beach. The ocean here is clear and gentle, and any waves break on a reef roughly 500 meters out to sea, making this an ideal place for swimming and playing in the sand with kids. Lembongan is also popular with surfers for its three surf breaks, Playgrounds, Shipwrecks, and Lacerations, which are as good as the waves in Bali, and are sometimes not as crowded as they usually would be. However, it is a great spot with lessons available in the area for beginners, while intermediate surfers would enjoy the surf breaks nonetheless.


Nusa Lembongan is next to the deep-water Lombok Strait and has relatively unspoiled reefs, which make it a home for marine life of all types. As such, it is a major centre for snorkelling and diving, and divers can regularly see sea turtles, rays, sunfish (mola-mola), and sharks. Beginner snorkelers and divers can have a lot of fun, but many of the island’s dive sites have strong currents and are for experienced divers only. Luckily, many good dive operators are available on the island.

Lembongan Hill is a great viewpoint on the island; many visitors like to park their scooter by the road to enjoy the view and take some pictures. There is also a giant mangrove swamp to the island’s north, where many boatmen are willing to take you on a ride across the river for a fee. Enjoying a tranquil trip downstream is just one of the unique experiences in Nusa Lembongan. Another spot is Devil’s Tear, and it’s as daunting as it is appropriately named, despite being the most photogenic spot to watch the sunset in all of the Nusa islands. Be careful walking along this spot as the waves are crashing and water shoots from a blowhole, so stay away from the cliff sides.

Even though Nusa Lembongan is relatively a small island, but going around on a scooter is the best idea. Transportation is pretty basic here; most of the tourists and locals are travelling on motorbikes. Although you can expect the rental price of scooters to be slightly higher compared to mainland Bali.

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