Is it possible to be a sustainable traveler?

The correct answer is probably YES and NO. The moment we set foot into a plane we have somewhat stepped out of the idea of “green traveling” and the the ecological footprint of a long-haul flight alone, is substantial as everyone knows by now.

It is not realistic to expect people to stop traveling, or to hope the tourism industry will not develop further and expand.

But, there is still lots we can do when we travel, particularly when we travel to destinations like Bali, where a large part of nature (& culture) is still intact and at the same time also at risk. As a visitor to Bali there are 4 main topics where we can contribute, and take more “sustainable choices”.

  • protect environment
  • support culture & traditions
  • support local & small businesses
  • donate to or support local NGOs

Small choices can have a big impact particularly when many travelers join in. Are you ready to help us to keep Bali a bit more clean and green?

“Count me in, how can I become part of the solution?”

10 Easy Choices


Electric Scooters


Animal Welfare


NGOs & Helping


We always have a choice

When traveling through South East Asian countries, it can be quite overwhelming to notice the amount of environmental and social welfare challenges this region is still facing. Animal welfare is another pressing issue. Bali is no exception. Considering the amount of visitors Bali is welcoming every year, Bali could be much worse off and there are many people, business owners, and organizations who work very hard to keep Bali a tropical paradise.

Bali has no heavy industry, which is definitely a good thing. But this means also, that the tourism industry and the local population are the main trouble makers here. 4+mio residents, 5+mio visitors from abroad, and 8+mio domestic tourists come here every year – doing their thing. The drastic increase of pollution and insane traffic – mainly in the tourism centers in the south and Denpasar – are a real threat.

We have all heard that the consumer has “the power” for systems and markets to change. And this is true. Particularly for Bali, because tourism it’s such an important industry here. If tourism is a main contributor to the environmental problems, then tourism can also be part of the solution. Has to! If, the tourists and visitors would rise to the occasion, and change a few things in their way to consume and travel, Bali will remain a tropical paradise for the decades to come.